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Q. How does it work?
A. Click here to see diagrams which illustrate how Chimneysafe works. You can also view a before and after video here for a full visual and audible explanation of how the product works.


Is my house/business suitable for an installation?

Q. Do I need to have water and electricity in the attic?
A. Yes, both are required.

Q. I have a pressurized water system, does this cause any problem installing the unit?
A. No, the unit can still be installed but the installer will need to be notified of the need to tap into the water supply in the house.

I have more than 1 chimney

Q. Do I need to purchase a unit for every chimney in the house?
A. No, one master unit will control the clean and extinguish functions of two chimneys. There is however an additional accessory pack required for the second chimney at an installed cost of €249.

Q. I have 2 chimneys at either end of the house, is this an issue?
A. No, the one master unit can control the actions of two chimneys regardless of where they are in relation to eachother.

Q. I have more than two chimneys, how does the unit activate in this instance?
A. One master unit can process all actions required for two chimneys; if the client requires three chimneys to be covered, this will require the purchase of two master unit systems and one additional accessory pack.

How does it compare to a chimney sweep?

Q. Why do I need this product? I sweep my chimneys myself.
A. Sweeping of chimneys does not negate the possibility of a chimney fire; the tar and creosote stuck to the chimney flue cannot be taken off with a brush. Our cleaning solution cleans the flue back to its original state and eliminates the possibility of a chimney fire completely.

Q. Will the soot/creosote/tar from the chimney fall down into my fire place?
A. No, the soot/creosote/tar are turned into a fine dust by the cleaning agents reaction with it. This dust is extracted from the chimney flue by the natural draw of the chimney.

Q. Does the cleaning process smell? Can I smell the soot after a clean?
A. There is no smell at any stage with our product; not of the chemical or the soot. There is none of the long lingering soot smell you get with a standard chimney that either needs to be cleaned or has just been cleaned.

Q. How long does an installation take?
A. On average 2 hours from start to finish.

After Installation

Q. After the unit is installed do I need to do anything with it?
A. No, the unit is completed automated. It runs an ongoing self-diagnostic check to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Q. How do I know if the unit isn’t working?
A. The unit has an inbuilt alarm that will start to sound should the unit not be working for any reason. If the unit is not alarming, you can be assured that it is automatically keeping your chimneys clean and safe. As the unit cleans the chimneys you can see the volume of the chemical reducing.

Q. What do I do if the unit starts alarming?
A. If you hear this alarm, simply ring the installer that installed the unit for you. He will then visit your home and get the unit working again.

Q. Will the unit work in sub-zero temperatures?
A. As with any product requiring water to function, if the area around the product is left to freeze the water in the product itself will freeze and the unit will not be able to function. We therefore recommend that any household take the standard precautions to ensure that their attic/loft space is kept at a reasonable temperature.

Q. Will the unit work if there’s a cut in the electricity supply?
A. Yes, the unit has an inbuilt backup rechargeable battery that will perform the primary functions of the unit (both clean and extinguish) should they be required while there’s a power cut.

Q. Why does the unit need an annual service?
A. The bottle of cleaning agent needs to be replaced annually as does the backup rechargeable battery.

Certification & Endorsements

Q. What certification has the unit?
A. The product has attained the world-wide acknowledged CE standard certification.

Q. Who is endorsing the product?
A. FBD, Ireland leading household insurance provider has endorsed and fully recommends our product.

General Points

Q. Who owns the product?
A. The product is wholly devised, designed, patented and owned in Ireland. We hold global patents on the product.

Q. Where is the product built?
A. The product is built in Tipperary & Limerick using components and accessory parts sourced from Longford, Galway, Tipperary, Limerick, Cork and Clare. There are Irish businesses involved in build of each product.

Q. Why should I consider getting a unit installed?
A. This unit will automatically clean your chimney, saving you the inconvenience of hiring a chimney sweep (& waiting on the same) or the danger of sweeping it yourself. It will clean your chimney in a way that brushes are incapable of doing, leaving it impossible for chimney fire to occur; it has a fully automatic backup procedure to extinguish a chimney fire in the very unlikely event of that occurring. The unit will save you €35 at installation on your home insurance with FBD and the annual service charge (net of an annual additional €35 voucher from FBD) is less than the cost of a chimney sweep. The product is made up of several independent parts; should any part cease to work outside of warranty; only that component part will need to be replaced, not the entire unit.

Q. What is the guarantee of the unit?
A. The product has 10 year full parts and labour warranty/guarantee. The annual service callout includes a full diagnostic check on the unit to ensure all component parts are working efficiently. The unit is made up of several independent parts; should any part cease to work outside of warranty; only that component part will need to be replaced, not the entire unit.

Q. Will the unit actually pay for itself over time?
A. Yes, the average annual insurance savings made will over time pay for the cost of the installed unit.

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